The International Conference on Ultrafast Structural Dynamics is a platform for discussing the latest developments aimed at understanding real-time structural changes in materials science, chemistry, and biology using a variety of techniques including

While these sub-communities use their own technologies and methodologies, they have a lot in common in terms of their scientific goals: Making visible the ultrafast dynamics of molecular systems with atomistic resolution. The conference aims at building bridges to better connect these sub-communities and to foster their exchange.

Registration and abstract submissions are now closed.

The conference chairs are Prof. Peter Hamm (University of Zurich) and Prof. Steven Johnson (ETH Zurich). ICUSD is financially supported by the NCCR MUST, the Paul Scherrer Institute, and the journal Structural Dynamics (co-published by AIP and ACA).

Speakers at the conference will also be invited to contribute a paper to a special topic issue of the journal Structural Dynamics. The normal publication costs for these invited articles will be waived. Information on the timetable for such contributions will be forthcoming.